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Do you have genital warts, or someone you know has it? Learn how to get rid of genital warts in this article.

Do you experience itching or discomfort down there? Have you noticed small and flesh colored bumps in your genital area? If so, then you may have genital warts, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the world. Don’t worry, we will reveal to you how to get rid of genital warts in this article.

Get Rid of Genital WartsYou may naturally feel embarrassed to talk about genital warts with your partner, friends or family members. The stigma of having genetal warts may be too much for you to bear that getting medical help is something you are absolutely not interested in. But the good news is that this is a condition that is easily curable, which means you don’t have to live in endless fear and agony over it!

Genital warts are common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US estimates that around 360,000 adults get gential warts on a yearly basis.

What Causes Genital Warts?

Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It is the collective term for more than a hundred kinds of viruses that can lead to abnormal cell growth or changes.

Out of the 100-plus viruses classified under the HPV group, an estimated 40 HPV types are known to cause genital warts. Other viruses can cause cancer, particularly cervical cancer. However, there are HPV types that would clear up without the need for any intervention.

The virus that causes genital warts is spread through skin-to-skin contact. You might have gotten the virus through anal, vaginal, or oral sex with a partner who unfortunately has the HPV virus.

HPV is so widespread that according to the CDC, all sexually active adults would get it at some point. You may even notice the symptoms years after you had sex with a person infected with HPV, so it is hard to determine exactly when or more importantly, who infected you.

An estimated 79 million Americans are said to have been infected with the virus. Every year, more than 14 million Americans will be added to the list of infected people with HPV.

What are the Symptoms of Genital Warts?

In most cases, genital warts are so tiny you may not be able to see them. These warts are fresh or gray colored that are either flat or raised. In severe cases the growths are so ugly that they look like the top of a cauliflower.

If you are a woman, genital warts may likely be found inside your vagina (Link opens in new Window) or anus (Link opens in new Window).
It may also be located outside the anus or vagina, or a nearby area. The warts may even lie on the cervix (Link opens in new Window).

Genital warts in men are usually found on the penis and scrotum (Link opens in new Window). These growths may also be found on the groin area, thighs, or around the anus.

A common misconception is that genital warts are only found in the genital area. On the contrary, there are chances that these warts may develop on the lips, tongue, throat, and mouth.

There are other rare symptoms of genital warts like genital itching, vaginal bleeding during or after sexual intercourse, and increased vaginal discharge.
There may also be some dampness in the genital area, or close to the warts.

How to Get Rid of Genital Warts

Topical Treatments

So what are your options for genital warts treatment?

A doctor might prescribe medicines that you can apply directly to the genital warts in order to get rid of genital warts. Some of the prescription drugs for genital wart remedies are:

  • Podofilox
    Podofilox is a topical solution that hinders the growth of certain types of cells. It may also be used for the treatment of genital warts that are located on the outside of the body, such as the thighs, penis, or groin area.
    Podofilox is to be applied on the warts twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This should be done for three consecutive days, to be followed by four ‘off’ days. This seven-day treatment cycle can be repeated up to four times, or until there are no more signs of genital warts.
  • Imiquimod
    Imiquimod is a topical solution that is primarily used for treatment of actinic keratosis, a condition that is caused by overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. But doctors also prescribe it for the treatment of genital warts on the outside of the body.

    To use this genital wart removal solution, simply apply a thin layer to the genital warts once a day before bedtime. The cream must be left on for more than eight hours, and then removed by washing it with water and mild soap.

  • Veregan (Green tea extract ointment)
    A drug called Veregan was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of external genital warts in patients 18 years old and above. The drug was developed by the German firm MediGine and contains defined green tea extract called kunecatechins.

    The ointment is to be applied directly to the warts thrice a day. Treatment should continue until the warts have been cleared, but should never be used for more than 16 weeks.

  • Wartrol
    Wartrol is one of the more reputable natural remedies for warts. Like the three other topical solutions for warts, it is to be applied directly on the genital warts.

    Its ingredients include salicylic acid, menthol, and ethyl alcohol. The main ingredient of Wartrol, salicylic acid, comes from the willow tree bark.
    With its anti-inflammatory qualities, it has been utilized for many years for easing aches, pains, and fever with extreme success rates. It can also neutralize bacteria to get rid of warts fast.

    Wartrol also contains menthol, an organic compound derived from mint. It has anesthetic and counterirritant properties which can soothe itching and skin irritation. Ethyl alcohol, on the other hand, kills fungi and bacteria. >> More info about Wartrol (Link opens in new Window).

    For Additional information regarding the advantage of Wartrol and how to use it in order to get rid of genital warts you can read here >>.

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Minor Procedures for getting rid of genital warts

If you want to know how to get rid of genital warts without using topical solutions, you can opt for minor procedures like electro cauterization, cryosurgery, laser therapy, and surgery.

Electro cauterization

Electro cauterization removes warts found on the penis, vulva, and around the anus. It makes use of low voltage electrified probe to burn the gential warts. This procedure is usually performed in a clinic, and would require injection of local anesthesia for pain control.

While the operation won’t cause a lot of blood loss, the downside is that this minor operation would only work for small areas of warts.

In terms of effectiveness in removing warts, electro cauterization has been found effective in getting rid of warts in eight out of 10 people. It can also stop warts from coming back six months after the procedure. Genital warts are also unlikely to return after the operation.

Like other venereal warts treatment, electro cauterization won’t be able to cure the HPV infection. This means that the virus will remain in your body after the warts have been eliminated.

There are also risks of electrocauerization, such as infection from the use of antibiotics. Pain would also persist, and you would likely be given medications after the procedure and to be taken for several days.

Recovery time would vary depending on the location and number of warts. After surgery, you can expect some swelling and redness on the area where warts used to be located. Scarring may also occur. Expect the healing process to last up to four weeks.


Cryosurgery is another minor operation for treatment of genital warts. In this process, the warts are frozen using liquid nitrogen. The tissues are then thawed, and frozen again if needed.
During the treatment, you may feel some mild burning sensation. Like electro cauterization, this operation is done in the doctor’s office or clinic.

Recovery time may vary depending on the location of the warts, as well as the number of warts that were removed. Healing would last from 1 to 3 weeks. You may experience some swelling, irritation, soreness, and even moderate pain in the area where the warts used to be in.

Cryosurgery is ideal only when the genital warts grow in a small area, usually near the anus. This treatment option is not recommended when the genital warts have become widespread.

Another downside of cryosurgery is that you can’t have sexual intercourse, no even after the treated area has been completely healed and the soreness is no longer there, for a circa 3 weeks after the procedure.
One should also avoid excessive exercising or intense workouts to minimize the risk of post-therapy bleeding of the area. For women, you may also notice watery vaginal discharge.

Like electro cauterization, cryosurgery has been found effective in the removal of genital warts. Some studies indicate that it can remove warts in 90 out of 100 cases. However, there is still the risk that warts would grow back. As such, you may have to go through another treatment for warts removal.

Laser Therapy

Another way how to remove a genital wart is laser therapy. In this procedure, laser is utilized for destroying genital warts. Local anesthesia may have to be used depending on the amount of warts to be cleared, or the size of the affected area.It may be done in a hospital or doctor’s clinic.

In most cases, doctors recommend laser surgery when medications have failed to remove the genital warts. It is also recommended when the warts have become widespread, or when the warts need to be removed during pregnancy.

Recovery time in laser surgery would last from two to four weeks, or longer depending on the number and location of the warts removed. There are also numerous risks like pain, swelling, or itching in the area where the warts were removed. You may also experience fever or notice a yellowish discharge.

Similar to cryosurgery, you can’t have sexual intercourse after laser therapy until the treated area has healed and the soreness is no longer there. You would have to wait for 1 to 3 weeks after laser therapy to have sex again, depending on the size of the affected area.

Laser therapy is not as effective as the other treatment options for genetal warts removal. According to studies, laser surgery can remove warts in about 20 out of 100 people. Again, there is also the chance that the warts would return after surgery and necessitating a second treatment.


Another treatment option for genital warts is surgical removal by excision, or cutting the warts off using a surgical knife or scalpel. Local anesthesia is needed to numb the area around the warts, while stiches would close the incisions.

Like cryosurgery, electro cauterization and laser therapy, recovery time would take up to four weeks. However, you can return to your daily activities in as short as a day after the procedure.

While surgery is effective in getting rid of genital warts, the procedure is very painful. There is also the risk of bleeding and infection, although you would be asked to take antibiotics to reduce the risks.

Surgical removal by excision is ideal when the warts are widespread.

Tips for getting rid of genital warts

Once you have the genital warts removed, doctors recommend that you use a condom during sex, so you can reduce the risks of spreading HPV.
If you are a woman, you should get pap tests (smears).
This is the best way to determine if there are any changes in your cervix, and can prevent death due to cervical cancer. You must follow up with your physician if you have abnormal Pap test.


The spread of HPV may be prevented by:

Not having a large number of sexual partners.
As much as possible, avoid having sex with partners who participate in high risk sexual activities.
Always use condoms, although condoms are not 100% effective in preventing HPV infection because the warts may be on a nearby skin that is not covered by the condom.


As you can see, genital warts may be common but it is very much treatable. You can use highly effective topical solutions like Wartrol  (Link opens in new Window) in order to get rid of genital warts. Wartrol is particularly recommended if you don’t like to deal with the pain and downtime after a surgical procedure.
Or you can opt for surgery, laser therapy, and electro cauterization to remove those ugly and itchy warts – but you need to weigh the pros and cons of these procedures carefully. Why go through the hassle when there is an easy, inexpensive and painless way of getting rid of genital warts?

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Wart Removal TreatmentsWarts can appear anywhere on the body and are more prevalent among young children and teenagers. Depending on where a wart grows on the body, it can be very uncomfortable and sometimes highly embarrassing, especially for teenagers who are extremely conscious of how they appear to others.

Warts can easily be removed with a wart remover, however, if the warts are left alone, the immune system will eventually destroy the virus, but this could take anything from a few months to years.

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What are warts and why do they appear on the body?

Warts are caused by one of more than a hundred known types of the HPV (human papillomavirus) and appears on the surface of the skin as a thickening growth. The virus can enter the body through a lesion on the skin and the top layer of the skin will thicken, causing a wart to appear.

There are five different types of warts that grow on different parts of the human body.

  1. Common warts appear most often on the fingers or the hands, but may also appear elsewhere on the body. They are shaped like a dome, feel rough to the touch and have a gray-brown color.
  2. Planter warts usually are found on the soles of the feet where thick patches of skin form with dark specks. Planter warts can cause a lot of pain when walking.
  3. Flat warts normally appear on the face, but are also found on the legs and the arms. Flat warts are small with flat tops and range from pink to light brown or light yellow in color.
  4. Filiform warts usually grow around the mouth area, the nose, and in the beard area. The growths have thread-like protrusions and are not different in color from the surrounding skin.
  5. Periungual warts appear under the nails of the toes and fingers and around the nail bed which could affect the growth of the nails. They are rough bumps that have uneven borders and an uneven surface.

Are warts contagious and do they spread?

Warts are spread by direct contact with the HPV virus and can be passed on to others through direct contact or by sharing personal items such as razors or towels. The virus can also be spread from one part of the body of an infected person to another part of the body by touch.

What treatment options for wart removal are available?

Not all warts require treatment, however, you may decide on wart removal for the following reasons:

  • The wart is painful
  • It is in a visible place on the body which is embarrassing to you
  • The wart is in a place where it becomes easily irritated
  • You notice that the wart is growing or that the virus is spreading to other parts of your body, or other people have been infected.

How does the wart removal treatments work?

The goal of wart removal treatments is to destroy the virus and remove the wart without causing any damage to the skin. warts removal treatments depends on the type of wart, the symptoms that are displayed and its location.
Wart remover products will take some time to work, a course of treatment lasting anything from a few weeks to a couple of months.

You can also see additional useful info here.

Wart removal treatments at home include:

  • Non-prescription salicylic acid products that soften the rough layers of the skin until it becomes possible to rub it off. Salicylic acid is available in cream, tape, paint-on, plasters or patches that are applied to the wart.
  • Tape occlusion uses a tape to cover the wart for a long period of time, after which the wart falls off.
  • Non-prescription cryotherapy can be used on the hands and the feet. It comes in a combination of two chemicals which are combined in an applicator. The foam is applied using the applicator for a few seconds, which freezes the wart.

If you have diabetes or other major illnesses, it is best to consult with your doctor before using any wart removal treatment.

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Approximately 79 million Americans need wart removal due to being infected with human papilloma virus (HPV) with 14 million new people being infected every year. While many people might not know that they are infected, for others the viral infection and result in the flare up of warts at various places on the body.

These can occur in many places on the body and can be often found on the feet and genitals. For those seeking to get rid of unsightly warts – many people have turned to Wartrol.

In this article we answer the question, “Why is Wartrol  – wart removal – so popular?

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Wartrol is an over-the-counter (OTC) wart removal remedy marketed to help people rid themselves of warts. It is a liquid solution that is applied topically to the area where the warts have flared up. The product includes many of the ingredients that dermatologists use to treat warts in their offices, without the high price tag.

The main active ingredient in Wartrol is salicylic acid, which is a strong acid used to dissolve the tough skin protecting the wart. The concentration is low enough so as to mainly target the wart, and not the healthy skin surrounding the lesion.

The solution also contains the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C which is common in many topical solutions and creams to promote skin health. Click here to buy Wartol – wart remover

There are also many natural ingredients included in the formula, meant to accelerate the healing process. These include Wild Yellow Indigo Baptisia Tinctoria, Nitric Acid, Potassium Hydrate Causticum, Black Sulphide of Antimony, and Life Thuja Occidentalis.

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Wart Removal Treatment

Before one applies Wartrol to the infected area, the area should be soaked in warm water for about five minutes. After this, the area should be thoroughly dried off. Then one should use the included brush to apply a small amount of Wartrol to the area.


The area should be thoroughly and completely covered. One should then air dry it for about a minute. Over the next 20 minutes, you want to give the treatment time to let the solution begin to dissolve the wart, and you should not cover up the product during this time.

The treatment should be applied once every day until the wart disappears.

Wart Removal Success

Unlike many remedies that are available without a prescription, Wartrol has clinical studies to back up its claims of efficacy in treating warts. There were three studies conducted by 3M in 500 patients in evaluating this product. These studies examined people with warts on the head that could be easily examined, and each person had to have at four to nine warts of a minimal size.

Buy Wart RemovalThe rate of complete wart clearance after eight weeks in each of these studies ranged from 41% to 57% among the patients treated with Wartrol. This compares to only 2% to 8% clearance by those who applied an inactive control to the infected area.

This was highly statistically significant, suggesting a strong clinical efficacy for the product on the average patient.

There are a wide variety of people who have had great positive experiences using Wartrol. You can find many testimonials from satisfied customers at the company’s websites as well as many other places all over the internet.

Some of these people such as Sarah G. (testimonial from company’s website), have indicated that they had been looking for such a solution for years and failed to find one, that is until they found Wartrol.

This helps answer the question “Why Is Wartrol so popular?”

The company offers free bottles for multiple orders. If you are unsure as to whether it will work for you, they do offer a solid return policy for any unused bottles. So for most people it makes sense to order the largest supply to take advantage of the cost savings.

So essentially, how do you really get rid of those warts?

Why Is wartrol so popular?

It is because it simply works for a lot of people who have tried it. Additionally, it will not break your bank like an expensive visit to the doctor’s office. So if you are suffering from warts, why not try Wartrol today?

When dealing with warts removal facts and tips you can encounter a vast field of knowledge. Even in the leading medical publications you can see refernces to the subject.
For example:

  • warts refer to solid growths on the skin
  • They are common in both children and adults
  • They are often the result of human papillomavirus virus (HPV)
  • It can be seen in every part of the body including the genitals
  • Some will also be present as skin tumors
  • The virus enters the body through the skin or mucosa
  • Warts can spread from one person to another and can travel from one part of the body to another
  • There are different types of warts: Flat warts are also known as juvenile warts, plantar warts, filiform warts and venereal warts known as genital warts.
  • The probability of spreading the warts increases if your skin is damaged or wet. Public swimming places are a common place for this disease.
  • People with weakened immune systems are particularly susceptible to HPV infections and warts.
  • Usually, no symptoms can be seen even after one to eight months of this disease entering the body.
  • Warts come in various shapes and sizes and usually appear as rough elevations on the skin. These elevations appear more frequently in the fingers, elbows, knees, face and scalp.
  • When warts appear, they are usually skin colored and are rough to the touch, but can also be dark, flat and smooth.

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Warts Removal Facts and Tipswhy is Wartrol so popular? Read it here

Warts removal facts and tips include some myths and some new medical discoveries. like for instance:

This was a popular myth in the old days that you can get warts from toads. Not true – Warts are actually benign tumors of the epidermis caused by a virus. The virus responsible is the human papillomavirus, a double-stranded DNA virus.

The virus is found in the bottom layer of the epidermis and is replicated almost normal looking skin.

Different subtypes of human papillomavirus causes different types of warts. Some subtypes also cause cervical cancer and other darkest warts related cancers.

Another myth about warts is that they have “roots”, but warts do not have “roots”. They grow only in the uppermost layer of skin, the epidermis. They grow downwards displacing the second layer of the skin, the dermis. The bottom of a wart is really soft.

Warts are caused by a virus that enters the body through a wound in the skin. The virus grows in warm, moist environments, such as those created in a locker room or in your shoes when your feet perspire and the moisture is trapped.

Warts normally grow out of the skin in cylindrical columns do not fuse when the wart grows on thin skin such as the face.

A thicker skin, the columns of fuses and are tightly packed together, giving the typical mosaic surface.

Dark spots are sometimes seen in a wart and is actually blood vessels that have grown rapidly and irregularly into the wart and have thromboses or clotted off.

Warts can occur in people of all ages, but hit most often children and young adults. It is transmitted by direct contact, by touching of the affected area. Most warts resolve within weeks or months, some may take years.

It appears that a person’s susceptibility to warts and the time it takes for them to leave is related to the individual’s immune system. People with immune-related diseases tend to have more warts that last longer.

Warts Removal Facts and Tips

So, now let’s talk about the various effective methods that can be used by you for the removal of warts.


Cryosurgery is used to remove genital warts. This is painful and causes a small amount of scarring. Liquid nitrogen is applied to the wart and repeated until it does completely disappear. There is very little chance of reoccurrence of warts again. The process is costly and painful as compared with other methods. Patients often report this method as the most painful for the removal of warts.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is much easier and painless compared to surgical methods. A laser light is passed over the affected area to aid in the death of the cells and tissues of the wart. Skin burns and seems to swell, but after a few days the warts disappear completely and you get an even skin without any scarring. This method is costly, but it is absolutely safe and convenient way of removing warts.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is very easy to buy and easily available at any medical store. This procedure can be performed at home without the help of a dermatologist. The whole procedure takes about four weeks during which can be applied continuously over the affected area and within few weeks you will see the results.


A conveyor belt known as available in the market will help you remove warts at home. You must apply the tape to the affected area for six days. Six days later, remove the tape and wash the area and remove the dead skin of the wart. You have to change the tape for at least six weeks to get the required result.

Home Remedy Tips for Warts Removal

  • Mix ground flaxseeds with flaxseed oil and a small amount of raw honey. Apply to the affected area. Change the poultice every day. Crush a clove of garlic and place it in the area of the wart and cover with a bandage. This is one of the useful treatments for warts.
  • Applying fresh cut pineapple on the exaggerated area several times a day to remove the wart in 2-3 days and is good home remedy for warts.
  • Apply juice of fig stems to the area and leave for a while. This is one of the best ways to cure warts.
  • Pick a dandelion weed and squeeze the milky juice of it in an urn. Put this white juice on the warts for removing it. Do this once or twice a day to remove warts.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin C are also considered to be effective against warts and therefore supplements are used as natural remedies for warts.

Although there is no preferred way in which to handle this condition, getting rid of warts can include a number of methods. The best part of the warts removal facts and tips is realizing that actually there is a commercial solution that tops all other solutions.

One of the most effective methods to address this problem is to buy Wartrol – Maximum Strength Wart Remover. Wartrol formula is based entirely on natural ingredients chosen for their traditional use in homeopathic medicine treating many of the symptoms associated with warts.

So if you want a fast and effective treatment for removing warts, buy Wartrol – which is highly recommended. This discreet treatment, natural and reliable, will help you deal with the problem of warts without pain and unpleasant side effects.

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Disclaimer – The information presented here should NOT be interpreted as medical advice. If you or someone you know suffers from warts, please see the professional medical advice for the latest treatment options.

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Choosing the best wart removal products when asking yourself how to remove warts, may be easier than you think. Warts are one of those skin problems which many people reluctantly think that they’ve got to live with. Okay, so they can be a bit embarrassing but they are believed to be relatively harmless – some people just kind of get used to having them.

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The truth is that warts are contagious and can be easily spread. They really don’t deserve to be ignored. If they are not dealt with effectively then warts can spread right across the body and the body of anyone you come into contact with. The best wart removal products are those which have proved their worth;

  • First of all the best wart removal products have got to do what they say on the tin – remove warts.
  • The best wart removal products are the ones which you can use easily at home. Some people feel embarrassed to take up the doctors’ valuable time at the medical center with something so “trivial” as warts but there are some terrific at home remedies which are easy to use.
  • The best wart removal products also need to be quick and painless. If the user experiences pain on the first application of any type of wart removal product they are very likely to prefer living with the wart than subjecting themselves to pain just for their removal.

Best Wart Removal Products Click here to buy Wartrol Now. Fortunately there are some terrific wart removal products on the market which can do all of the above and a whole lot more. One of the best wart removal products on the market today is definitely Wartrol – check it out at So what makes Wartrol so much better than the rest? Read here the whole story about the best wart removal products

A guide to Choosing the Best Wart Removal Products

Well, first of all it’s a well established and trusted name. It takes a long time to build a good reputation yet only a very short time to tarnish it. Wartrol has effectively dealt with the wart problems of thousands, if not millions of users. They will all happily share the fantastic results they experienced as a result of using this quality product.

Wartrol is made with ingredients which have been approved by the FDA for wart removal purposes. One of the most important ingredients used in the making of this wart removal product are a blend of natural oils which are included to promote Keratolysis – a big and complicated word with a quite simple meaning – Keratolysis helps to thin the skin of the wart affected area which makes it easier for them to shed off. how to remove warts

There are other effective methods of wart removal available but another feather in the cap of Wartrol is the fact that it is extremely strong yet completely painful.

Using this product is safe, it is effective, it is painless and extremely simple – just apply the product to the affected areas (warts) with the handy applicator brush. This wart removal product is so safe that it can be used on even those embarrassing intimate areas. Wartrol is safe to use on the hands, the arms, the legs and other areas of a more personal nature – without subscription in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

When it comes to choosing the best wart removal products there really is no contest. There are many other wart removal products available online which can promise the earth, but can they deliver? You shouldn’t believe all the testimonials you read online.

Other methods of wart removal are offered in many medical clinics. Warts can be removed by laser treatment; cauterization is another method of removing warts. Both of these methods are infinitely more expensive than the simple, effective, home remedy of Wartrol. Get the simple facts on how to get rid of warts.

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