Removing Warts & Getting Rid Of Warts – Quick & Efficient


Genital warts are the soft growths that appear on the genitals of both men and women. They are basically classified as sexually transmitted infections or STI’s. The most common cause behind the genital warts in men is the human papillomavirus (HPV). These warts can be associated with an obnoxious amount of pain, discomfort, itching, and swelling in certain areas.

Any men or women can get ahold of this particular disease, but the genital warts women are more complicated and severe because they can cause relative cancer in the women which can be very difficult to treat.

Symptoms of genital warts

There are multiple combined symptoms which collectively gives away the presence of moles on a human, the most probable cause for these warts is through the anal or oral activity, and it is also possible that you may not even start to develop warts after even weeks or months of the infection.

These anal warts might look like bands of small cauliflower-shaped growths, they may seem slightly smooth or bumpy to touch, and they can appear in the form of single entities or cluster of them on the skin next to genitals. There are multiple symptoms which collectively gives away the plausible signs for the growth of warts.

For men, warts may appear

  • Thighs
  • Penis
  • Groin
  • Scrotum
  • Inside or around the anus as well

For women, warts might look like

  • Inside the vagina or anus
  • Outside of the genitals
  • On cervix

In severe cases, these warts may appear on lips, around the corner of the mouth, under or above the nose of a person who has had any explicit contact with another person which already had a similar disease such as caused by the HPV. On another account, there might be some other symptoms associated with all the above listed, and these can include;

  • Itching
  • Bleeding
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Burning

If it came to a situation where these warts appeared more than a simple problem like they got enlarged or swelling took over, then instant medical attention is required and the patient might be subjected to a hospital for further and thorough treatment.


Causes of the genital warts

There are literally thirty to forty strains of the HPV virus which may cause various complications not only on the skin or maybe on the other parts of the body. But in order for them to cause any complications in the genitals or cause anal warts a particular type of strain is to be held responsible. But in many scenarios, these warts go unnoticed without causing any complications at all, but at times when they are more consistent, warts may appear. Although the skin to skin contact is more of a problem in this particular scenario because the fast transfer takes place during skin to skin interaction. 

The center for disease control (CDC) says that most people engaged in sexual activity are more bound to have these warts, although there might be a scenario where the strains of the HPV Virus get subjected to the genitals via hands or other forms of interactions.

Therefore it is advised to limit such behavior in order to get rid of warts or altogether avoid the point of contact.


Diagnosis of the genital warts

The first step right ahead to the genital warts removal is to have a proper diagnosis of genital warts. To have a thoroughly professional diagnosis of genital warts your doctor might ask you a variety of questions such as how much sexual activity you were engaged in recently or what kind of interaction you have had with your partner. After the preliminary assessment of the diagnosis for these genital warts further biological tests might also be brought into consideration.

After the biological reports come back with a clear description of genital warts your doctor might next examine you physically;

Diagnosis for men

In order to make a diagnosis for the men, the genital warts are visible on the penis, scrotum or any other area close to the genitals. No biological or even physical tests other than the evident perception of these warts might be brought into consideration and treatment would start effective immediately.


Diagnosis for women

Here the diagnosis becomes more severe or sensitive because these warts could be anywhere regarding the genitals of women; that is why a more subtle approach is taken into consideration to proceed with the diagnosis.

Your doctor might examine the pelvic region using an acidic solution which actually brings these genital warts to more clarity and they start to become more and more visible.

Another strategy induces the use of the Pap test, in which a simple swab is used and is rubbed across the walls of the cervix to retrieve the sample for the HPV strain. This swab is now cultivated on a petri dish and after a culture is developed it is examined under a microscope which clearly gives away the presence of certain HPV strains thus the presence of genital warts. In severe cases, it might be diagnosed that the women had developed cancer in the process and that is why should be submitted to further treatment.

Treatment of the genital warts

There might be some chances where the visible genital warts may go away with time and the HPV strains just remain there doing no additional damage whatsoever this means that there is nothing to worry about. But in some other cases where the HPV strains are persistent and won’t go away on their own, it is important to take control of the varying symptoms and any point of contact whatsoever so that you don’t transmit the disease to any other person.

As far as the genital warts treatment is concerned there are many patients who want relief from their symptoms and want to be free of these genital warts on the penis that is where the doctor might help you in prescribing a few medicines or other warts removal drops for instant relief. But if the condition has been escalated then the removal of these warts or surgery might also be advised.

Following treatment options might be prescribed by your doctor;

  • Drops for the treatment of symptoms
  • Electrocautery or the removal or burning of warts using the electric current
  • Cryosurgery which involves freezing of these warts
  • Laser treatments
  • Excision or cutting off these warts
  • Injection of the drug interferon

But in case if you are women a more sophisticated approach might be brought into consideration which involves the regular Pap tests to have a clear description of warts the area infected and what possible treatment options might be suitable for you.

Genital warts removal

Genital warts removal is not an easy task it requires the precipice diagnosis and surgery in order to do so, while the method of removal might be dictated by the doctor or preferred by the patient, however, the need for genital warts removal is only due to the fact that oral treatment can’t continue and the situation has been escalated beyond bounds that is why the removal of warts is to be implemented.

In the case of men, the oral treatment might work or the chances for complete recovery might surface which clearly means that cure is possible without surgery. While in case of women given the degree of the severity of warts gives away the final strategy for the removal of these warts. In the case of women, it is advised to remove genital warts if the oral medication is not helping which ultimately reduces the risk of any cancer.   


Now if you have had enough with all the other said oral or medicinal treatments to cure warts and are off to surgery to get rid of ultimate pain and suffering, we advise you to take a step back and try this amazing new product called “Wartrol”. Wartrol is the clear liquid drops which are made from various herbs and natural elements which have zero side effects, they are beneficial to be used by the patients of genital warts and these drops are known to instantly alleviate all the symptoms.

You would feel more active, with less and less pain ultimately fading away completely and all the growths going away after two or three uses of these wonderful drops. These drops are clinically proven to provide the ultimate relieve from warts, it doesn’t depend whether the warts are old or fresh within a few uses you will feel the symptoms going away and warts leaving control of you right away.

How to use

All you have to do is to take the brush which comes with the Wartrol bottle and dip is inside the solution, take it out and apply it over warts directly with the help of the brush. Wait for almost 60 seconds and let it air dry.

It might take 18-19 minutes for warts to completely go away the liquid starts its action right away when it is applied. Continue to repeat these 3 steps until the warts are gone.

These wonderful drops can prove to be very beneficial for you to have some relief from warts and remove them completely without going for surgery.